Danny's Super Clean VW Golf MK3

Danny has truly created a master piece... This gem should be an idol to the Volkswagen scene. The whole car is so well put together without cutting corners. From the imported Euro Recaro seats, imported Euro red seat belts, to the imported tails/headlights/fogs/markers. I really enjoyed doing this feature and meeting Danny and his older brother. Thank you for viewing! 

Turkey Rod Run 2015

After the passing of my Uncle Ron a few months ago the event "Turkey Rod Run" has gained a new meaning to me and my family. My uncle would come down for the thanksgiving weekend and bring his yellow Ford F-100 to the event along with the thousands of Classic cars, Rat Rods, Hot Rods, and everything in between; in Daytona Beach, Florida. I would like to thank you for viewing my article and feel free to share!

Simply Clean 7

This time of the year means a lot to me. My interest for lowered cars started at Simply Clean 4 in 2012 riding shot gun with my older brother Dan in his Lexus IS350. This event is one that centers around good people and high quality cars. Last year I did the official video and I had the great opportunity to be hired again this year for the official video. It was great seeing all of my friends this year and see what everyone has been up to with their cars. At the end of the day I swapped from video to photo's and here are the results from such! Thank you for viewing my work!

Ormond Skate Park's Free Skateboarding Lessons

Tito the gentleman in red runs the lessons and does a great job! I have never seen a person that is that good with kids. I love being around when they do these! On top of Ormond, Tito holds lessons at both New Smyrna Beach's skatepark and Port Orange's skatepark! East Central Florida has such a good community and I love being a part!

Dream Cruise 2015 | Beach Street, Daytona Beach, Florida

Being hired to shoot Dream Cruise 2015 was an awesome experience! The turnout was amazing, packed with plenty of local automotive gear heads, along with their family and friends. There was great food and drinks and everywhere you looked was filled full of every category car! I want to thank "Bullseye Marketing" and "Markentini Concepts" for hiring me for this event! I always have a blast working in conjunction with y'all and I can't wait for more fun events! Thank you for viewing!


Living life One Mile At a Time

B R O T H E R | H O O D

    Loaded the cars up, filled full of gas, and camera gear. Winding through the country side, sharing laughs, and good times; respecting the roads and where they can bring you. Nothing compares to the feeling of riding side by side with your buddy blasting music and him looking at your car and you look at his and out of everything, both are looking and respecting each others piece of work.  Enjoy every moment in time. Look around and enjoy what beautiful gifts god has sacrificed for us!

"No Dough Show"

A local Volkswagen show held in Port Orange Florida called "No dough show". I was shooting photos near by for senior announcements when I discovered there was a car show. With no know-abouts of this event I checked it out only to be surprised. From late model MK1's to new beetles. All types of generations where here with a mixed crowd. After leaving I was glad I stopped. Here where the results!